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Utu whaina mahi turituri

Pay a noise fine


You will need your infringement notice number.

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Online EFTPOS or Account2Account (bank transfer). A 1.75 per cent card payment fee applies to credit and debit card payments.

When you pay, you will get a reference number.


Pay your fine online now


Help using this service

If you received the fine within the last 72 hours, it may not be ready for online payment.

If you experience any other problem, contact us with:

  • the infringement notice number
  • the payment amount
  • what stage of the payment process the problem occurred
  • the error message you received.

Franklin, Manukau, Papakura

We do not currently take online payments for fines issued in Franklin, Manukau and Papakura. You will need to pay in person in these areas.

 In person

Find out about ways to pay in person.

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