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Te Ara Hura Walk Waiheke Network

Description Te Ara Hura Walk Waiheke Network

This collection of walks is the perfect way to explore Waiheke Island and discover its natural beauty.

On the Te Ara Hura walking track network you can explore the coastline, pass through native bush and visit historic sites.

There's a great range of walks, from short and easy through to more challenging, and all of them are now connected. You can start at any point, finish wherever you want and go in any direction.

A Te Ara Hura adventure can be built around overnight stays, tastings or great meals at vineyards, and top-up stops at cool cafes.

Simply follow the Te Ara Hura marker posts to stay on the trail.

The four areas of Te Ara Hura

  • Headlands - The headlands walks are an introduction to the highlights of the island, all in one accessible space.
  • Beaches 'n' Baches - This walk is off the beaten track. You will encounter the island character of the villages.
  • Forest Heart - Escape the hustle and bustle and walk through beautiful native bush, old trees safe from possums, regenerating forest and streams, wetlands and birds aplenty.
  • Far End - The Far End of the network is a place apart from the rest of the island. Here, you'll get big skies, big views, and fresh air therapy.



Dog access

Dogs are not permitted on parts of the walk, so make sure to check the map before you go.

Map of Te Ara Hura Walk Waiheke Network