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Te Ture ā-rohe Tiaki Rawa me Ngā Mahi Whakaporearea 2015

Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw 2015

This bylaw helps protect the public from poorly maintained private property. It includes rules about hoarding, overgrown vegetation, unoccupied buildings and industrial cooling tower water systems.

What the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw does

The bylaw requires:

  • owners or occupiers of private property to manage materials or vegetation on the property to minimise the risk of harbouring pests or significant odours
  • owners of abandoned or unoccupied buildings on private property to prevent public access to the building
  • owners of an industrial cooling tower water system to register, test, and maintain the system to minimise the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.

What the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw does not do

This bylaw does not cover visual aspects of a property, such as overgrown vegetation or the presence of building materials.

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Berm and grass verge mowing

  • Property owners are responsible for regularly mowing the berms outside their property.
  • Unmown berms can contribute to the spread of weeds, create a fire hazard, and conceal vermin and safety hazards.
  • You should not add your own plants to berms. They can reduce sight lines, cause inconsistencies in berm appearance, and root systems can disrupt utility connections.

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