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Te Ture ā-Rohe Tauhokohoko, Whakahaerenga me te Tango Kiriata Tūmatanui 2022

Public Trading, Events and Filming Bylaw 2022

This bylaw allows us to manage commercial activities, events and filming that use public places in a way that is fair and consistent.

You should know

This bylaw replaced Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw 2015 on 26 February 2022. The bylaw continues to regulate trading, events and filming in a similar way to the 2015 bylaw, to meet the needs of Aucklanders, now and in the future.

What the Public Trading, Events and Filming Bylaw 2022 does

The bylaw:

  • regulates trading, event and filming activities in council-controlled public places to minimise public safety risks, public nuisance and the misuse of council-controlled public places
  • requires that trading, event and filming activities must either obtain an approval, comply with conditions of use (e.g. when, where and how the activity is allowed), or be exempt
  • covers markets and stalls; mobile shops; outdoor dining for the purpose of providing food or drink; production and sale of personal portraits; hire of micromobility devices; hire of recreational equipment; fundraising for a charitable cause, soliciting of any subscription or collection of any one-off or on-going donation; distribution of promotional goods and materials (e.g. a tasting, sampling or giveaway); street performance (e.g. busking and pavement art); events; and filming. 

Key changes from the 2015 bylaw

These include:

  • micromobility devices are regulated under their own licence (not as mobile shops)
  • the default duration of an approval is extended to 24 months (currently 12 months) unless a shorter or longer duration is specified
  • busking and pavement art are considered under the street performance licence
  • the definition of ‘trading’ is clarified by including examples of how certain commercial activities (e.g. the delivery of goods and outdoor fitness operations) may not be regulated by the bylaw
  • council mobile service library services and the occasional sale of homemade goods by children outside the house where the goods were made (e.g. the sale of lemonade) is allowed
  • exemptions are clarified to include permanent art installations, and to retain current exemptions for filming of a private celebration or event, current affairs and news
  • exemptions for non-exclusive use of a place for informal recreation (e.g. a picnic in a park by an extended family) and protests are added
  • a new summary and related information notes clarify and provide links to the wider regulatory / non-regulatory framework for example, other rules, guidelines and forms.

More information

For more information on the decision to improve the bylaw, see AK Have Your Say - Public trading events and filming bylaw .  

Get a copy of the Public Trading, Events and Filming Bylaw 2022

Get a copy of the Auckland Transport Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw

Visit the Auckland Transport website for Auckland Transport's Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw. 

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