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Regional Pest Management Strategy (RPMS)

The RPMS guides all our pest control programmes. We aim to identify and control targeted pests so that they no longer pose a threat to our economy, natural biodiversity, health and cultural identity.​

What the RPMS does

The RPMS sets our priorities and goals for managing animal and plant pests in Auckland.

We are in the process of updating the strategy and turning it into a 10-year plan for the region.

The current RPMS has been extended and will remain active until a new plan is in place.

Regional Pest Management Strategy 2007-2012

Our objective with this strategy is minimising harm to:

  • endangered species
  • species diversity
  • water quality
  • recreation
  • international trade
  • human health
  • soil resources
  • Māori culture
  • primary production.

Who is responsible

Landowners and occupiers hold the primary responsibility for managing pests.

Auckland Council provides advice, support and community education on the threats and control of pests - see Pests and weeds for more information.

In areas of high conservation value or where there is serious threat, we will also undertake control of certain species on behalf of the community.

Get a copy of the RPMS

The RPMS is split into separate files to make it easier to download.

Learn more about the RPMS

For more information, email the Environmental Services team at

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