Tahua hauhā

Carbon budget

​Our emissions reduction targets are informed by a carbon budget (CO2e) that sets out the total cumulative greenhouse gas emissions that Auckland can produce to play its part in keeping global emissions within the 1.5°C temperature rise threshold.

Auckland’s carbon budget is 164 MtCO₂e from 2017-2050 – equivalent to a budget 14 times the size of Auckland’s annual emissions in 2016.

Our carbon budget has been calculated by C40 Cities in line with Auckland delivering a fair share contribution (PDF 4.6MB) to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The modelled decarbonisation pathway delays the date at which the carbon budget is exceeded until around 2038 and flattens the curve, significantly slowing the rate at which emissions are added to our cumulative total.

The modelled decarbonisation pathway still exceeds our carbon budget, emphasising the need for additional strategies and new technologies, as well as carbon sequestration, to address remaining emissions and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Auckland’s cumulative gross emissions projections and carbon budget: