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Auckland Council

Appeals that seek reinstatement of provisions or spatial aspects

The council has been served with a number of appeals (filed in both the High Court and Environment Court) that seek to reinstate certain provisions or spatial aspects into the plan.

These appeals do not have an impact on resource consenting and do not mean that certain parts of the decisions version cannot be treated as operative (in regards to section 86F of the Resource Management Act 1991).

The council has annotated appeals seeking reinstatement of certain provisions (text) by noting those appeals at the beginning of the relevant chapters.

In the event that any of those appeals are successful, there may be changes to the text within that chapter.

Maps as at 4 November 2016

The council has not created a separate set of PDF planning maps that identifies and annotates appeals which are seeking to reinstate certain spatial aspects.

An example of an appeal that seeks the reinstatement of certain spatial aspects is the appeal by the Independent Maori Statutory Board, which seeks to reinstate the "Sites of Value to Mana Whenua Overlay".

In the event that this appeal is successful, the "Sites of Value to Mana Whenua Overlay" which was included in the notified Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan would be reinstated.

To view what these are on the PAUP viewer, read the plan or view the maps.