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Auckland Council

How the decisions version has been annotated

The Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in part has been annotated to show the parts of the plan that have been appealed with the High Court and Environment Court.

While we have made every attempt to ensure the plan has been annotated correctly in relation to the changes requested (relief sought), we recommend you read the relevant appeals in full. The appeals have been annotated in the text as follows:

  • by a thick bold black line down the left hand side of the page next to the provision(s) that are under appeal e.g. [CIV-2016-403-002318: D.H Jones Limited].
  • where an annotation is shown underneath the relevant chapter or section heading the appeal either
    • applies to a whole chapter or section or
    • seeks the addition of new provisions to an existing chapter or section of the plan. This includes those seeking the reinstatement of provisions from an earlier version of the plan. Those appeals are annotated with the words ‘addition sought’. You must read the appeal to understand what the addition is.
  • where there are many appeals to a provision a footnote reference is next to the High Court or Environment Court appeal number. The footnote at the bottom of the page includes the full appeal reference.
  • appeals seeking to add new chapters or sections that are not presently part of the plan (including a new precinct, or the reinstatement of a precinct or chapter from an earlier plan version) are:
    • annotated in the table of contents in the appropriate place with a brief statement of what the appeal seeks
    • annotated on a ‘blank page’ in the section of the plan where the addition is sought with a link to the appeal.