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Tirohia ngā pūrongo me ngā tūtohunga a te Paewhiri Rongonga Tūtahi

View the Independent Hearings Panel's reports and recommendations

Reports and recommendations

Included here is the recommendation by the Auckland Independent Hearings Panel on part of a submission by North Eastern Investments Limited and Heritage Land Limited to the council for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) on 30 July 2022.

The Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel delivered its recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) to the council on 22 July 2016.

This section includes:

  • an overview report on each of the hearing topics summarising the recommended changes in the PAUP
  • reports on individual topics providing recommendations and the reasons for them.

Note: the 'Annexure' document is a large file so may take time to download depending on your internet connection speed.

Further documents

Topic 001 – Auckland-wide (PDF 159KB)

Topic 002 – ePlan and miscellaneous (PDF 123KB)

Topic 003 – Chapter A: Introduction (PDF 111KB)

Topic 004 – General rules (PDF 192KB)

Topic 005 – Issues of regional significance (PDF 114KB)

Topic 006 and 035 – Air quality (PDF 191KB)

Topic 006 – Natural resources and 010 Biodiversity (PDF 201KB)

Topic 007 – Climate change (PDF 114KB)

Topic 008 – Coastal environment (PDF 168KB)

Topic 009 – Mana Whenua (PDF 236KB)

Topic 010 – Historic Heritage (PDF 117KB)

Topic 010 – Biodiversity and 006 – Natural resources (PDF 201KB)

Topics 010, 029, 030 and 079 – Special character and pre-1944 (PDF 223KB)

Topic 011 – Rural environment (PDF 180KB)

Topic 012 – Infrastructure, energy and transport (PDF 159KB)

Topic 013 – Urban growth (PDF 200KB)

Topic 016 and 017 – Rural urban boundary, 080 – Rezoning and precincts (General) and 081 – Rezoning and precincts (Geographic areas) (PDF)

Topic 016 and 017 – Annex documents:

Topic 018 – Monitoring and environmental results anticipated (PDF 117KB)

Topic 019 – Natural features, landscape and character (PDF 219KB)

Topic 020 – Viewshafts (PDF 287KB)

Topics 022 – Natural hazards and flooding and 026 – General others (PDF 198KB)

Topic 023 – Significant ecological areas and vegetation management (PDF 239KB)

Topic 024 – Genetically Modified Organisms (PDF 138KB)

Topic 025 – Trees (PDF 181KB)

Topics 026 – General others and 022 – Natural hazards and flooding(PDF 198KB)

Topic 027 – Artworks, signs and temporary activities (PDF 232KB)

Topic 028 – Future Urban Zone (PDF 147KB)

Topics 029, 030, 079 and 010 – Special character and pre-1944 (PDF 223KB)

Topic 031 – Historic heritage (PDF 199KB)

Topic 032 – Schedule of historic heritage (PDF 283KB)

Topics 033 and 034 – General coastal marine zone and other coastal zones (PDF 313KB)

Topic 035 and 006 – Air quality (PDF 191KB)

Topics 036 and 037 – Maori Land and Treaty, and Mana Whenua sites (PDF 219KB)

Topic 038 – Contaminated land (PDF 129KB)

Topic 039 – Hazardous substances and industrial and trade activities (PDF 148KB)

Topic 040 – Lighting, noise and vibration (PDF 136KB)

Topic 041 – Earthworks and minerals (PDF 257KB)

Topic 042 – Infrastructure (PDF 215KB)

Topic 043 and 044 – Transport (PDF 137KB)

Topic 045 – Airports (PDF 200KB)

Topic 045 – Auckland International Airport Designations 1100, 1101, 1102: Attachment 1 – recommended text (PDF 716KB)

Topics 046, 047, 048 and 049 – Water quality and quantity; lakes, rivers and streams; aquifers and groundwater; and discharges of stormwater and wastewater (PDF 263KB)

Topics 050 to 054 – City centre and business zones(PDF 206KB)

Topic 055 – Social facilities (PDF 159KB)

Topic 056 and 057 – Rural zones (PDF 178KB)

Topic 058 – Open space (PDF 163KB)

Topic 059 to 063 – Residential zones (PDF 224KB)

Topic 064 – Subdivision: rural (PDF 294KB)

Topic 064 – Subdivision: urban (PDF 167KB)

Topic 065 – Definitions (PDF 236KB)

Topic 074 – KiwiRail Designations 6300-6306, R6307 (PDF 223KB)

Topic 074 – Designations KiwiRail minor matters (PDF 91KB)

Topic 074 – New Zealand Transport Agency Designation 6727 (PDF 426KB)

Topic 075 – Waitakere Ranges (PDF 741KB)

Topic 076 – Major Recreation Facility Zone and precincts (PDF 147KB)

Topic 077 – Sustainable Design (PDF 128KB)

Topics 079, 010, 029 and 030 – RPS Heritage and special character; Special character and pre-1944; special character and pre-1944 mapping, combined reports (PDF 223KB)

Topic 080 – Rezoning and precincts (General), and 081 – Rezoning and precincts (Geographic areas) and 016 and 017 – Rural urban boundary (PDF 356KB)

Topic 080 and 081 – Annex documents:

The recommended plan

Read the proposed Auckland Unitary plan.

Visit Geomaps for a map of the plan.

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