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Ngā tono hoahoa whakatōpū me ngā tono i tua atu

Unitary plan submissions and further submissions

Submissions and further submissions to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

Auckland Council received more than 9400 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) during the five-month notification period which closed on 28 February 2014.

In the further submission period, which closed on 22 July 2014, we received over 3800 further submissions either supporting or opposing original submissions.

All submissions have been carefully summarised by council planners to capture all of the changes requested.

Each unique request, and the details of who made it, was collated into the Summary of Decisions Requested (SDR) report.

Some submissions included just one request, while others involved hundreds or thousands. In total, there were more than 93,600 unique requests, represented in the SDR as summary points. The further submissions contained over 1,400,000 points.

Further submissions report

The Further Submissions (FS) report was made available on the Auckland Council website on 5 September 2014. It includes the summary of decisions requested in submissions to the PAUP, plus any further submissions in support or opposition.

In preparing the FS report, we made changes to the coding of some original submission points.

If an original submitter requested a decision to support or oppose another original submission, that point has now been coded as a further submission relating to the original submission to which it referred.

This was done to ensure the original submission points are allocated to the most appropriate hearing topic. 

Searching submissions

The SDR report is available in both PDF and Excel format.