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Te Panonitanga o Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

Transformation of Hurstmere Road in Takapuna

Hurstmere Road has been upgraded to create a vibrant, lively beachside retail destination in the heart of Takapuna.

Hurstmere Road - A new cycle lane.

About the Hurstmere Road transformation

Hurstmere Road has now been transformed into a safer, more spacious and attractive streetscape, ensuring this growing and changing area continues to thrive for years to come.

The transformation project was completed in November 2021.

Key project outcomes

Key outcomes of the project include:

  • a revitalised street to create a safer, more vibrant and attractive area for local businesses, residents and visitors alike
  • reduced vehicle dominance with more space for outdoor dining and events
  • improved accessibility and retail environment
  • improved water quality with eight new rain gardens along the street filtering out pollutants before they discharge directly into the sea at Takapuna Beach
  • a new 1.2m wide cycle lane as part of the roadway
  • Hurstmere Road between Anzac Street and Lake Road is now one-way for north-bound traffic, with a 30km/h speed limit and a level surface –south-bound traffic will be redirected along Anzac Street and Lake Road
  • quality open spaces and improved connections to Takapuna's stunning beach
  • improved facilities for pedestrians, making it easier to get around
  • seven new carparks, two mobility parks and two loading zones available
  • new energy-efficient lighting and new plantings of Puriri and Tī kōuka trees.

 Hurstmere Road - Improved facilities for pedestrians.

Ongoing Takapuna development

This project connects with Eke Panuku Development, Auckland's ongoing work to create a safe, accessible, and vibrant town centre for Takapuna.

More information

See the Eke Panuku Development Auckland website for further information.

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