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Hononga o Weiti Wild

Weiti Wild-Link

What the project is about

Weiti Wild-Link's focus is to enhance the Weiti River environment.

It is part of a bigger project, the North-West Wildlink, a vision for a green corridor from the Hauraki Gulf islands to the Waitakere Ranges.

Weiti Wild-Link contributes to the North-West Wildlink goals by:

  • restoring the banks of the Weiti River with locally sourced plants
  • creating a better home for native fish and other wildlife
  • creating corridors of native vegetation to help animals move easily from one area to another
  • keeping silt and sediments from entering the waterways
  • ensuring native plants get the right nutrients
  • keeping wildlife genetically healthy.

We are working on this project with the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, the Hibiscus Coast Forest and Bird.

What the project has accomplished

The Weiti Wild-Link project started with cleaning up inorganic rubbish, getting rid of environmentally damaging weeds and restoring ecology in the Weiti River banks.

As part of the project, Silverdale businesses also received free pollution prevention advice.

We also averted potential pollution incidents and resolved a serious issue that now prevents paint from leaking into the river.

How to get involved

You can help protect young native plants from weeds and possums.

Email Hibiscus Coast Forest and Bird to get involved.

Updates about this project

Keep in touch with the Weiti Wild-Link project.

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