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Te hinonga whakamohoa wai tupuhi o Corban Reserve

Corban Reserve stormwater upgrade project

​What we are doing

We're installing a new, larger stormwater pipeline from Imperial Place to Border Road, Esplanade Reserve in Henderson.

What the pipeline will do

The pipeline will:

  • help prevent flooding
  • improve water quality in Opanuku Stream
  • improve the environment for people, birds, and stream life.

The project will improve health and safety for pipeline maintenance workers.

It also includes enhancing green recreation areas and public walkways.

How we’ll do this

We will complete the upgrade project in three stages.

Stage 1

We'll install a new pipeline from Imperial Place to Border Road Esplanade Reserve. This will open up a buried section of  Waitaro Stream within Murillo Reserve.

Stage 1 will involve using a tunnel boring machine to install a 2100mm diameter stormwater pipe underground from Upper Waitaro Stream (between Spode Place and Imperial Place) across Henderson Valley Road and along Border Road to Opanuku Stream within Border Road Esplanade Reserve.

It also includes:

  • restoring the Waitaro Stream within Murillo Reserve, native planting, and installing a pedestrian bridge and new pathways
  • installing a low-flow pipe between Border Road and Murillo Reserve using trenchless technology to provide continued flow to the Lower Waitaro Stream
  • minor upgrades to Border Road Esplanade Reserve including a new boardwalk and walkway connecting to Taranui Place
  • naturalising the Waitaro Stream (currently a concrete-lined channel) and upgrading the pedestrian bridge between Spode Place and Imperial Place.

We will also construct the North Harbour No.2 water main across Opanuku Stream at the same time.

Stage 2

We’ll decommission the old pipeline under Corban Reserve and upgrade Corban Reserve.

We expect stage two to commence directly after stage one.

We will share more information once details are confirmed.

Stage 3

We'll upgrade the existing stormwater pipeline along a small section of Henderson Valley Road.

We will also upgrade a culvert crossing Henderson Valley Road.

Current project status

We have applied for resource consent for stage one and residents have received information about proposed works.

We aim to begin work in late 2021.

How the works will affect you

To limit disruption to residents, we will use underground tunneling techniques for most of the installation.

What the works involve

The proposed works will involve:

  • changes to traffic lanes on Border Road to accommodate two construction sites at Border Road Esplanade and the intersection of Murillo Place and Border Road
  • closing the Murillo Place intersection with Border Road - traffic into and out of Murillo Place will be diverted through Murillo Reserve via a temporary road
  • diverting the Twin Streams cycleway through Taranui Place to Border Road via a new boardwalk and cycleway connection
  • temporary diversion of the pedestrian traffic from Spode Place and Imperial Place through Corban Reserve while the pedestrian bridge is upgraded
  • a construction site at 18 Imperial Place and Border Road Esplanade
    works at Murillo Reserve.

Which areas will remain open

Areas that will remain open include:

  • Corban Reserve
  • a section of Murillo Reserve
  • the twin Streams shared path in Border Road Esplanade Reserve.

Traffic detours, traffic management and pedestrian access

There will be minor detours in place in these areas for safety reasons.

Temporary traffic management will be in place and traffic delays will be highly likely.

You will need to allow extra travel time and consider alternative routes wherever possible.

Pedestrian access through Murillo Reserve will be maintained at all times.

Construction-related noise

Construction-related noise and vibration is anticipated during the works.

We will monitor the works closely to ensure noise and vibration levels remain within acceptable limits.

After the works are completed

At the end of the works, Murillo and Border Road Esplanade reserves will be upgraded with new landscaping and paths.

We will continue to provide updates to directly affected residents before the works begin.

Further information

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