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Te hinonga whakamohoa wai tupuhi o Corban Reserve

Corban Reserve stormwater upgrade project

​What we are doing

We're installing a new stormwater pipeline from Imperial Place to Border Road, Esplanade Reserve in Henderson.

What the pipeline will do

The pipeline will:

  • help prevent flooding
  • improve water quality in Opanuku Stream
  • improve the environment for people, birds, and stream life
  • the project will improve health and safety for pipeline maintenance workers.

It will also enhance green recreation areas and public walkways.

How we will do this

We will complete the upgrade project in two stages.

Stage 1

A new tunnelled pipeline will be installed from Imperial Place, along Border Road to the Opanuku Stream within Border Road Esplanade.

We will:

  • replace the existing bridge between Spode and Imperial Place with a new pedestrian bridge
  • build a new boardwalk, concrete path and stairs to connect Taranui Place with Border Road Esplanade Reserve
  • expose a section of the Waitaro Stream within Murillo Reserve to more daylight.

A low flow pipe will be installed from the new pipeline to the open-air section at Murillo Reserve to provide continued flow to the Lower Waitaro Stream.

The new North Harbour No.2 watermain across the Opanuku Stream will be constructed at the same time.

Stage 2

We will decommission the old pipeline under Corban Reserve and upgrade the existing network along a section of Henderson Valley Road

We will update you closer to the time.

Current project status

Stage one works are currently under construction.

We aim to complete them by September 2023.

How the works will affect you

To limit disruption to residents, we are using underground tunnelling techniques for most of the installation.

Traffic detours, traffic management and pedestrian access

Temporary traffic management will be in place and traffic delays will be highly likely.

You will need to allow extra travel time and consider alternative routes wherever possible.

There will be minor detours in place during stage one of the works for safety reasons.

Minor traffic detours

A section of the Twin Streams shared path will be closed between April 2022 and September 2023. There will be a detour through Taranui Place to Border Road via a new shared path connection.

The pedestrian bridge between Spode Place and Imperial Place will be closed between late December 2022 and early June 2023 to enable naturalisation of the Upper Waitaro Stream. There is a temporary diversion of the pedestrian traffic through Corban Reserve and Wally Nola Place while the bridge is upgraded.

While the pedestrian bridge is closed, Spode Place and Henderson Valley Road can be accessed through Hindmarsh Green and Corban Reserve from Hindmarsh Street, or through Wally Nola via Forest Hill Road.

Murillo Reserve will be partially closed between December 2022 and June 2023. When the works are completed, the reserve will feature a new pedestrian bridge over the daylighted section of the stream, park seating, play features, widened footpath system and boardwalks.

Traffic in and out of Murillo Place will be reduced to one lane via temporary traffic lights. Pedestrian access through Murillo Reserve between Murillo Place and Coburg Street will be maintained at all times.

Construction-related noise

There may be some construction-related noise and vibration during normal workdays from Monday to Friday due to the works within Border Road Esplanade, Murillo Reserve, Murillo Place intersection and works along the Upper-Waitaro between Spode Place and Imperial Place.

After the works are completed

At the end of the works, Murillo and Border Road Esplanade reserves will be upgraded with new landscaping and paths.

We will continue to provide updates to directly affected residents before the works begin.

Further information

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