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Transcript for Food scraps service: How to use your food scraps bin and caddy

[Video: A woman carries a small white caddy with a black lid into a kitchen and places it on the kitchen bench.]

Voice: Auckland’s food scraps collection service is so simple to use. Let me show you.

[Video: Close-up of kitchen caddy on kitchen bench.]

Voice: This kitchen caddy stays in the kitchen.

[Video: Close-up of woman tearing off a pink compostable bin liner from a roll and opening it (using pinch and rub technique) and lining the kitchen caddy with it.]

Voice: To open the bag, pinch the bag between your fingers until the top opens. These can be purchased at supermarkets and libraries. You can also just use paper to line your caddy. Easy.

[Video: Image of food scraps information brochure with images of what can and can’t go in food scraps bin and questions and answers about the service.]

Voice: You’ll find out what you can and can’t put in your food scraps bin in this brochure or online.

[Video: Close-up of woman and kitchen caddy with pink bin liner full of peel from potatoes and carrots. She throws some peel from chopping board into kitchen caddy.]

Voice: Change your bin liner every two to three days to stop spills and smells.

[Video: Outside next to white brick wall. Woman crouching in front of green food scraps bin. She opens the lime-green lid of the bin and places a tied-up full pink compostable bin liner inside the bin. She closes the lid pressing down on either side of it and pulls the black handle upright.]

Voice: Lock the lid in place by pulling the black handle upright so it’s ready to be picked up, like this.

[Video: Outside on a suburban street, a rubbish bin and recycling bin are standing on the green berm near the kerb. The woman carries the food scraps bin and places it to the side of the rubbish bin leaving a gap of a metre or more from the other bin. The black handle is standing upright ready to be picked up. She walks out of shot.]

Voice: Every little bit of food scraps counts. So even if you have a handful, please put it out for collection weekly. All done!

[Video: End frame with blurred out close-up of woman slicing the outer skin of pineapple on chopping board with kitchen caddy visible on bench. Text on screen reads: Make more kai from kai. URL Auckland Council Waste Solutions. Auckland Council logo on top right corner.]

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