Positions you can run for

What positions can I run for?

If you want to be more directly involved in decisions to make Auckland a great place to live, consider standing for one of these positions:

The mayor and ward councillors (governing body)

The governing body consists of the mayor (elected 'at large'), and 20 councillors who are elected by voters from each of the 13 wards they represent.

The mayor and councillors are responsible for big-picture issues that affect the whole Auckland region.

Local board members

Local board members (149 members elected from 21 local boards) are responsible for making decisions on local issues, activities and facilities, and helping to build strong communities.

District Health Board (DHB) members

In 2016, voting takes place to elect members to the 20 DHBs.

DHBs are the governing bodies responsible for overseeing the delivery of health and disability services in their districts.

For more information, visit the District Health Board website.

Licensing Trust members

View more information relating to your area:

More information

To know more about the functions of elected members, see what's involved if you are elected.

For more information on Auckland Council roles, see Auckland Council explained.

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