What's involved if you are elected

Governing body member.

If you are elected, you will serve as a governing body or local board member. The governing body and the local board perform a list of functions that impact our communities and the quality of our life.

Governing body members

The governing body, which comprises 20 councillors and the mayor, makes decisions important to Auckland as a whole.

It focuses on the big picture and on Auckland-wide strategic decisions.

Governing body members:

  • develop regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan, Auckland Unitary Plan and long-term plans
  • control the council’s regulatory activities, consenting and bylaws, and allocate decision-making powers for non-regulatory activities
  • engage with community members and groups, and oversee hearings as part of public consultation on council plans and policies
  • work with local boards to adopt local board agreements
  • oversee emergency management
  • provide governance of council-controlled organisations (CCOs), and review the performance of Auckland Council and CCOs.

Local board members - get involved in your community.

Local board members

Local boards provide local leadership, make governance decisions on local matters and contribute to building strong local communities.

Local boards are fully accountable for the decisions they make, without any involvement or oversight by the governing body.

Local board members:

  • develop local board plans every three years to reflect the interests and priorities of their local communities
  • develop annual local board agreements with the governing body and manage local board budgets
  • engage with community members and groups, including mana whenua and mataawaka, and advocate on their behalf on region-wide strategies, plans and bylaws
  • propose local bylaws and targeted rates
  • work with CCOs on services they provide in their local board area.

Support for elected members

A comprehensive three-year development programme is available to support all elected members. The programme will support your development across the twelve capabilities. For details on these capabilities, see the Auckland Council elected member roles and capabilities (PDF 325KB).

Development opportunities at three levels of learning, text description follows

Development opportunities include decision-making, strategy and policy, relationships and engagement and personal effectiveness. Opportunities for both new and returning elected members and chairing roles will be at the three levels of learning:

  • to establish knowledge
  • to embed capability
  • to extend capability.

An important component of the programme is the induction period, the first 120 days. The focus of this component is  to help you understand:

  • the governance role
  • the role of staff in advising and supporting you
  • relationship building opportunities
  • essential content knowledge.

You will need to attend some key development opportunities during the induction period. This includes a full day at the end of October, as well as some other important sessions.

We will provide more details on this in August.

Next steps

For information on requirements and preparing for the elections, see I want to run - what's next.

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