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​Building consent application: Uploading files using myAUCKLAND video transcript

Voiceover: Welcome to our user guide on uploading files during your building consent application via ‘myAUCKLAND files’.

[A blue screen with the heading Building consent application: Uploading files using myAUCKLAND appears. The Auckland Council Pohutukawa logo displays on right.]

Voiceover: Note that myAUCKLAND files only applies to the listed four application types​.

[Text appears on the blue screen: Please note this video only relates to the following:

  • building consent applications​.
  • amendments ​
  • project information memorandums (PIM)​
  • project information memorandums (PIM) and building consent.

Voiceover: All files are uploaded at Step 3 of your application journey.

[The attachments page of the application form is shown. The step 3 is circled at the top of the screen.]

Voiceover: Open myAUCKLAND files using the ‘upload files’ button​.

[The upload files button is at the bottom of the attachments page and is highlighted by a red square]

Voiceover: This will open in a new tab​.

[myAUCKLAND files screen is shown. The tabs at the top of the browser are highlighted in red.]

Voiceover: myAUCKLAND files will automatically generate the following three folders for you, ‘Applications’, ‘Plans’ and ‘Supporting Documents’.

[Three red arrows indicate the three blue folders in the centre of the screen.]

Voiceover: Here are some examples of file types you may enter into each of the pre-set folders.​Feel free to return to this slide and pause after the video.

[Three enlarged blue folders appear on the screen. These folders explain which files go where.


  • Proof of ownership ​
  • Record of Title​
  • Consent notices ​
  • Letter of Authorisation ​
  • Lodgment checklist.


Construction plans related to the building work applied for. For example:​

  • architectural plans ​
  • structural plans​
  • fire plans.

Supporting documents

All supporting documents to the building work applied for. For example:​

  • reports (Geotechnical, Energy Efficiency, Flooding, Fire, HVAC etc.)​
  • producer statements​
  • calculations​
  • product literature.]

Voiceover: We suggest naming your file folders using these three names.

[Folders saved on a personal computer are displayed. They have the same names as the pre-set myAUCKLAND files folders: Applications, Plans and Supporting Documents.]

Voiceover: Drag and drop your files into the relevant folders.

[The mouse arrow icon selects the Plans folder on the personal computer and highlights all the files in that folder]

Voiceover: You can drag multiple files at once.

[The mouse icon drags and drops the files into the Plans folder in myAUCKLAND files.]

Voiceover: Upload progress is shown via the loading bar.

[A blue loading bar appears at the top of myAUCKLAND files.]

Voiceover: Once the upload has finished, open the folders in myAUCKLAND files to check your files.

[The mouse icon opens the Plans folder in myAUCKLAND files. Once the folder is open, the files appear as blue PDF icons.]

Voiceover: Use the highlighted link to navigate out of the folder.

[The link at the top of the screen that begins with the building's street name is highlighted by a red square.]

Voiceover: Once your files are in the relevant folders return to your application by closing the tab.

[The x or close icon is highlighted on the myAUCKLAND files tab.]

Voiceover: Refresh your myAUCKLAND application using the link provided.

[The Refresh this page link is highlighted on the attachments page of the application form. It is located underneath the folders.]

Voiceover: Congratulations, your files have been uploaded. For more information on uploading your files during a building consent application please visit the Auckland Council website: