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How Auckland Council works video transcript


[Video: Fades into dark blue. An icon showing a figure wearing a mayoral chain appears, along with the text "Setting the vision for Auckland." The Auckland Council logo showing a stylised Pōhutukawa over water appears in the top right.]

Voiceover: The mayor is responsible for setting the vision for Auckland, leading the development of region-wide plans, policies and budgets

[video: icon changes to a folded document, then to a document with a stamp, and then to a calculator.]

Voiceover: and ensuring the council engages effectively with all Aucklanders.

[video: icon changes to a group of five figures.]

Voiceover: The Governing Body is made up of the mayor and 20 ward councillors.

[video: a map of Auckland appears with the text "The Governing Body". To the left of the map, the icon of the figure in the mayoral chain appears, with 20 darker blue icons underneath.]

Voiceover: It makes big picture decisions that affect the whole of Auckland.

[video: the map fills in ward by ward, and the icons below the mayoral figure fill in at the same time.]

Voiceover: It develops regional strategies and plans, decides budgets and rates levels,

[video: the map disappears, and an icon appears of a document with a graph, followed by an icon with a pie chart.]

Voiceover: and sets bylaws.

[video: three icons appear, showing a dog on a leash, a figure holding a bottle with bubbles coming out of its head, and a police officer.]

Voiceover: The 21 local boards are a voice for their communities.

[video: a map of Auckland appears with each of the local boards marked. The text says "21 local boards are a voice for their communities". On each side of the map, icons appear showing a group of figures around a table. There are 21 icons in total.]

Voiceover: Each local board has between five and nine members.

[video: the 21 icons move to the centre of the map and merge. The map disappears, leaving one icon of the figures around a table. Under this, nine smaller icons of individual figures appear.]

Voiceover: They make decisions about local facilities like libraries, community centres and local parks

[video: The icons disappear, and new icons showing a civic building, figures under a roof, and a tree appear]

Voiceover: and support local arts, culture and events.

[video: the three icons merge, and change into an icon of two masks, one of them smiling. This disappears, and the screen fades to black.]

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