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​Why have a council video transcript

[00:02 - Video: Upbeat music plays behind the narrator’s voice while the words ‘Why do we have a council?’ appear on right-hand side of the screen and a photograph of Sky Tower is shown on the left-hand side of the screen, followed by another photograph of a man and a woman riding bicycles on Te Ara I Whiti.]

Narrator: Why do we have a council? The Auckland Council is made up of people from all different backgrounds, who work together to make decisions on how to continue to maintain and develop our growing city.

We want our city to be enjoyed by all – a place where everyone is valued, our environment is looked after, and our communities are supported.

[00:20 - Video: The words ‘Central government makes decisions and creates laws for all of Aotearoa’ appear on the left-hand side of the screen while a photograph of two adults and a child sitting in a park is shown on the right-hand side, followed by another photograph of two women sitting on a hill overlooking the beach.]

Narrator: The role of the central government in Wellington is to make decisions and create laws for all of Aotearoa.

[00:28 - Video: The words ‘The role of Auckland Council is to manage and protect our entire region’ appear on the screen.]

Narrator: And Auckland Council’s role is to work with communities to manage and protect our entire region: the city, its suburbs, rural areas, rivers, and coasts.

[00:36 - Video: The words ‘Take part in local elections’ appear on the top of the screen. The URL for the Vote Auckland page is shown as, while upbeat music continues to play behind the narrator’s voice.]

Find out more about how you can take part in the local elections at

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