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Me pēhea te tuku puka utu mai ki a mātou

How you can invoice us

Before you invoice us

You need a purchase order number before you can send us an invoice.

Valid purchase order numbers are ten digits long with a '30', '65', or '66' prefix.

What to do if you don't have a purchase order number

If you do not have a purchase order or do not know your purchase order number, contact the person you have been dealing with and request this information.

How to send us your invoice

You should know

We accept invoices as PDF or Microsoft Word files. We accept Excel files if only one tab is used and the document is formatted to portrait.
We will only accept computer-generated invoices.
We do not accept handwritten invoices or handwritten purchase order numbers.

 By email

​Email your invoice to

Make sure you include:

  • your vendor name
  • your vendor number
  • an approved purchase order number (only one number per invoice)
  • your GST number
  • a GST amount
  • a total amount
  • your bank account details
  • an invoice number
  • an invoice amount
  • an invoice date.

Include only one invoice per attachment and, if possible, one invoice per email.

 By post

​Post invoices only if you can't email them. Do not post and email the same invoice.

Accounts Payable

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92303
Auckland 1142

What happens to your invoice

We will scan and load the information on your invoice into our financial system.

When we will pay your invoice

Invoices dated in the current month should reach us by the fifth working day of the month to ensure we can process them for payment on the 20th of the month.

You need to include on your invoice the month you delivered the service or goods.

For example, for goods or services provided in January with an invoice:

  • dated 31 January and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 February
  • dated 1 February and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 March.

We will make an electronic bank transfer directly into your bank account on the 20th of the month, following the date on your invoice.

To prevent duplication, don't send corrected invoices except if we have returned the original to you.

Our tip

You can receive automated reports on the payment status of your invoices by emailing your vendor number as the subject header to

​Purchase order terms and conditions

All purchase orders created by us, Panuku Development and Tātaki Auckland Unlimited have standard terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed in the procurement contract.

​Sending a credit note

Send credit notes to the same address as invoices. Clearly state 'Credit' and refer to the original invoice.

Always put a valid purchase order number on the credit note.

Contact us about your invoice

Contact us on 09 373 6868 or email for queries regarding your invoice, credit note, payment, or refund.

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