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Why we have building and planning rules

Ngā Ture mō te hanga whare

We are responsible for ensuring that all significant building work is safe, durable, sustainable, and poses no health and safety risks to users.

​What we are responsible for

Auckland Council are responsible for ensuring all significant building work is safe, durable, sustainable, and poses no danger to the health and well-being of property owners and users.

Where the rules come from

Building and planning rules come from four key sources:

The Resource Management Act (RMA) - requires us to make sure that environmental effects of activities are managed well.

Auckland Unitary Plan - The Auckland Unitary Plan gives our region its planning framework, and outlines what you can do (as a permitted activity) and what you need a resource consent approval for.

Building Act - The Building Act 2004 sets out the rules for the construction, alteration, demolition and maintenance of new and existing buildings in New Zealand.

Building Code - The Building Code states how a building must perform in its intended use, rather than describing how the building must be designed and constructed.

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