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Transcript of Getting your wastewater treatment and disposal system consented video

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Voice: If you're building a new home that needs an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system or replacing an old system, you may need a resource consent to make sure your new system protects the environment and public health.

[Video: An animated scene of two men on a building site. One is in Hi-Vis clothing and a hard hat. The other is dressed in a suit.]

Voice: Please contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 and ask for the Planning Helpdesk to find out more.

Voice: Kia ora. My name's Jill.

[Video: Jill is seen on her property.]

Voice: I'm building a new home with an onsite wastewater treatment system and I've just been granted a regional wastewater consent for the new system.

[Video: The screen zooms in on Jill.]

Voice: What do I need to do now?

Voice: Kia ora, I'm Mark.

[Video: The name MARK appears on the screen. The camera zooms out to reveal an ID lanyard with the Auckland Council pohutukawa logo.]

Voice: I’m your assigned Monitoring Officer and I have received your notice of work starting form.

[Video: Mark is in an office talking on the phone to Jill.]

Voice: I'll be helping to monitor your wastewater discharge consent and checking you comply with the conditions.

Please read your resource consent carefully and follow all conditions highlighted in the consent.

Voice: Thanks, Mark.

[Video: Jill is in her garden talking on the phone to Mark.]

Voice: I see there are some conditions associated with the wastewater system. What do I do with these?

[Video: Mark is in his office talking to Jill on the phone.]

Voice: Yes. You'll need to make sure that your new wastewater system is installed as per your resource consent and signed off by a suitably qualified professional.

[Video: Two clipboards with checklists.]

Voice: There will be one-off conditions and ongoing conditions to comply with.

[Video: The first clipboard has a checklist with the title 'One-off conditions'. The checklist items are:

  • Prestart meeting
  • As-built certified plans
  • Service maintenance contract
  • Operation and maintenance plan
  • Post construction meeting.

These items are all marked with a green tick.]

Voice: Once everything has been installed and signed off, please let me know.

[Video: Items on the second checklist titled 'Ongoing conditions' are marked with a green tick. The checklist items are:

  • Flow meter readings
  • Testing of treated wastewater
  • Annual reports (i.e. service maintenance records)
  • Service maintenance contract.

The screen turns green. Text reads: Post construction meeting.]

Voice: Hi Mark. My system is installed now. So, how do I read and submit the flow meter information?

[Video: Jill is in her garden talking on the phone to Mark. The screen zooms in on the meter. ]

Voice: Good question. This is what your flow meter will look like.

[Video: The last three numbers on the meter are highlighted in red.]

Voice: You can ask your wastewater contractor to show you how to read the meter. Your consent will outline the frequency you need to read and record your meter readings.

[Video: A table titled 'Example of a simple flow record keeping system'. Table columns are:

  • Date
  • Meter reading (m 2/day).
  • Difference last and current reading
  • Days since last reading
  • Flow/day (m 2/day).]

Voice: You can note the flow meter readings and the dates on the record sheets supplied in your operations and maintenance plan.

Or you can contact your monitoring officer by emailing

[Video: An email addressed to The email subject line is 'Wastewater consent'.]

Voice: Please note some old consents may have a different email address, but if you are in doubt, please contact us.

[Video: An arrow icon clicks attachments and adds a file called 'Wastewater flow meter readings'. The arrow then clicks send.]

Voice: Thanks, Mark.

[Video: Jill is in her garden on the phone with Mark.]

Voice: How long will I need to submit these readings to council?

[Video: Mark is in his office talking on the phone to Jill.]

Voice: That depends on the duration of your wastewater consent. In most cases, that's for 10-15 years. However, there are some exceptions.

If you are unsure, please check your consent conditions or contact us.

[Video: Jill is in her garden talking on the phone to Mark.]

Voice: What maintenance do I need to do in the system to ensure it complies with the resource consent?

[Video: Jill starts removing vegetation close to her wastewater disposal system.]

Voice: Please look after your system as per the resource consent and follow the approved operation and maintenance plan. If you change maintenance providers, please let us know and give us a copy of your new maintenance agreement.

[Video: A truck with the business name 'Sludge removal' pulls up to Jill's wastewater disposal system. The truck pumps the wastewater.]

Voice: You'll also need to review your operations and maintenance plan and provide an updated version to us.

[Video: Mark in his office talking on the phone. ]

Voice: Thanks, Mark. This information has been really helpful.

Voice: You're welcome. And remember, if you ever sell your property, you will need to transfer your consent to the new owner.

[Video: Auckland Council pohutukawa logo. The website address:]

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