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Auckland Council

Your responsibilities after you install a wastewater system

Ō kawenga a muri i tō whakaurunga pūnaha tuku wai para

Compliance with the resource consent conditions

You will need to comply with conditions stated in your consent. Our officers monitor these conditions typically every five years.

We will charge you for the monitoring service. The charge is dependent on the wastewater discharges measured in cm per dwelling.

What you need to provide

To confirm the system meets the conditions of the resource consent, you will need to provide:

  • an as-built plan
  • a management plan
  • maintenance contracts
  • system certifications.

Your installer should be able to provide this information.

Maintain your wastewater system

A wastewater system that is not working, poses a threat to occupants of the property, neighbours and environment. In case your system is not working, a professional, like a drainlayer, should assess the system and advise you on how to fix it.

Even if you do not need a resource consent, you will have to ensure the system is maintained. The TP58 document below, as well as the Auckland Unitary Plan E5.6 provide more information.