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He āhuru rānei ō tāhuna hei kaukau?

Is your beach safe for swimming?

The Safeswim programme is a joint initiative between Auckland Council, Watercare, Surf Lifesaving Northern Region and Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

How to check when and where to swim

To check if your beach is safe for swimming or to report an issue, visit the Safeswim website.

A screenshot of the Safeswim website showing a map of Auckland.

Up-to-date water quality results

Sometimes there are issues with the water quality at our beaches, especially after a heavy rainfall.

We have a responsibility to ensure everyone is aware of the risks.

Our Safeswim programme keeps you informed about water quality and safety hazards that may occur at our beaches, so you can make the best decisions about where to swim.

On the website you will find up-to-date information about Auckland's beaches, including:

  • water quality
  • water safety hazards (rip currents, jellyfish, and other physical hazards)
  • beaches that are patrolled by Surf Lifesaving Northern Region
  • swimming conditions (tides, wind speeds and direction)
  • long term health warnings.

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