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[Video: Music plays. Title: Poodini’s Great Escapes. Animation of red curtains opening and animated poo character, Poodini, standing on a stage with flies hovering around.]

Voice: Ladies, gentlemen, homeowners. I, the Great Poodini, take great pleasure introducing the inescapable faecal containment device.

[Video: The words "AKA Septic Tank" appear on screen. Poodini standing inside a chamber and floating as water rises.]

Voice: I am locked inside, in the regulation manner and will now reveal not one, but three methods of escape from the inescapable. Number one!

[Video: Text "The Backyard Escape".]

Voice: My assistant is taking an overly long shower and running the dishwasher, causing water levels to rise rapidly.

[Video: Poodini wearing a snorkel and floating through a pipe of water also containing dirty baby wipes and nappies.]

Voice: To accelerate this diabolical process, she has also flushed baby wipes and nappies down the lavatory. Soon I shall be unable to breathe. But observe as I miraculously make my escape on the rising waters, into daylight and out onto the lawn from where I can go wherever I please.

[Video: Poodini emerging out from the ground and into a faecal contaminated field. Flies buzz around.]

Voice: The only evidence of my escape is a spectacular pong and water pooling in the septic disposal field. Number two!

[Video: Text: "The Stinky Escape". Poodini emerging out from the faecal contaminated field in front of an overflowing septic tank.]

Voice: A prolonged lack of septic maintenance has upset its system's delicate balance, leading to a malodorous sensory assault and pongy overflows.

[Video: Poodini in a toilet surrounded by cleaning products.]

Voice: To exacerbate the situation, my assistant is cleansing the toilet with harsh chemical cleansers, killing the bacteria that normally neutralise my faecal bouquet.

[Video: Toilet flushing and Poodini floating away and emerging behind a fence.]

Voice: And behold I, the great Poodini can once again share my malodorous love with the neighbours.

[Video: Poodini hiding behind a fence with flies hovering around.]

Voice: They might not be able to see me, but they can surely smell me. Number three!

[Video: Text: "The Stormy Escape". Poodini swimming in a body of water during a storm.]

Voice: Behold! As stormwater floods the septic's disposal field, I can take advantage of rising water levels inside.

[Video: Poodini, putting on sunglasses, sits on a pink flamingo flotation device off the coast of a beach.]

Voice: And I'm out! It's a case of now you see me, now you don't. Until we meet again at your local beach.

[Video: Text and corresponding symbols for recommendations: “Flush with care, reduce water usage, septic friendly cleaners, regular maintenance, divert storm water and report smells”.]

Voiceover: Don't let Poodini loose. Escape-proof your septic. Seen or smelt poodinis? Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.

[Video: Text: "Escape proof your septic. Call us on 09 301 0101".]

[Video ends.]

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