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​How to stay safe during a flood video transcript

Voice: How to stay safe during a flood.

[Video: Blue text in red box reads: How to stay safe during a flood.]

Voice: Call 111 if there is a risk to life or property.

[Video: A mobile phone appears in a hand. The hand dials 111.]

Voice: Do not enter flood water, either on foot or in a vehicle, and don't let children play in or near flood waters.

[Video: Two circles appear with showing two different animated scenarios. In the first circle an animated man is seen walking into flood waters and falling over. In the second circle a yellow car drives into deep flood waters. The screen clears and a third circle emerges. Inside the circle children and parents are seen around a seesaw near flood waters. Red text appears on the screen which reads: Don't let children play in or near flood waters.]

Voice: Even shallow water can generate a lot of force.

[Video: An animated man in a yellow hard hat is walking through water. There is a measuring ruler laying vertically across the left side of the screen. Text 3cm is beside the ruler to show how high the water is.]

Voice: 15cm of fast flowing water can knock you off your feet.

[Video: The water rises quickly from 3cm to 8cm and then to 15cm. The water knocks the man off his feet.]

Voice: 30cm can float a car, and 60cm can carry away an SUV.

[Video: The water rises quickly from 15cm to 23cm and then 30cm. A blue car appears, drives through the water and starts to float. The water rises to 60cm and a red SUV back in and is carried away by the water.]

Voice: There are hidden hazards within flood waters, such as sharp debris and uncovered manholes, exposing deep chambers.

[Video: Animated flood waters. The heading 'There are hidden hazards within flood water' appears in red. The words manholes and deep chambers appear in blue underneath.]

Voice: Flood waters are often contaminated by sewage and other pollutants, and can pose a health risk.

[Video: Green bacteria emerges in the animated flood waters. The word Contaminated appears in green above the floodwaters.]

Voice: Find out if places you care about are at risk from flooding, and more on how to stay safe on Auckland Council and Auckland Emergency Management's websites.

[Video: Auckland Council's Pohutukawa logo is shown against a white backdrop. It shrinks and appears next to Civil Defence Emergency Management logo.]

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