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Empowering communities

Te Whakamana i ngā hapori

What are empowered communities?

Auckland's Long-term Plan 2015-2025 recognises that there is a need for Auckland Council, agencies and communities to work together differently and more effectively.

The plan acknowledges that the best results for communities are achieved when all the key stakeholders are enabled and empowered to work together, and directs the council to adopt an Empowered Communities Approach (ECA).

An empowered community is one where individuals, whanau and communities have the power and ability to influence decisions, take action and make change happen in their lives and communities. This includes communities of place, interest and identity.

How we empower communities

Our Community Empowerment Unit is responsible for building an understanding of what the Empowered Communities Approach means in practice, and to support its implementation both internally and within Auckland's communities.

We are working to:

  • create new ways of doing things, to empower Aucklanders to design and lead initiatives that make their communities great
  • build tools and resources to enable the great ideas that come from within communities to have the best chance of succeeding
  • connect individuals and groups so they can work together to achieve their aspirations for their communities
  • identify ways to grow the capability within communities so they have the skills and resources to achieve what is important to them.

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