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I muri i te whakahaeretanga o tō kaupapa

After your project has taken place

Accountability report

You will have to complete and submit an accountability report (by the due date and time) and tell us:

  • how the conditions in the funding agreement have been met
  • the number of participants, audience, spectators
  • about the success of the project
  • about proof of delivery (if the activity is an art project or event)
  • what the learnings and outcomes were
  • a brief evaluation of the project or activity: this might include areas for development or specific issues encountered at the event or performance
  • about the project-specific measures (in case of environment project or activity), e.g. length of fencing completed, area protected, number of plants planted, plant survival rate
  • other requirements as outlined in the funding agreement.

You will also need to attach your receipts (as proof of expenditure) to shows us how you have used the grant.

We may contact your customers from time to time, to gain feedback on benefits of the event and confirmation of payments made when required.

Access the accountability report form and see when it is due

Log in to SmartyGrants website, click on the 'My Submissions' link at the top of the page.

Our tip

If you don't submit the form by the due date, your account may become locked and you or your group will become ineligible for further funding.

Accountability reporting will form part of future grant assessments.

If you have not spent all of the grant

If you have not spent all of the grant when you have completed your project, event, activity or programme, you must return the unspent portion.

To find out how to return the unspent portion, contact a grants advisor.