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Te Āhei ki ngā tukunga pūtea ā-takiwā

Eligibility for a regional grant

​What is considered to be regional

To be considered 'regional', you must be able to show that your service, project or activity addresses regionally determined priorities. For example:

  • its outcomes cannot be delivered and managed at the local or multi-board level
  • it is of local impact and benefit, but of regional significance, and it would be unreasonable to expect the relevant local board(s) to meet the cost.

It may be regional in terms of scale and/or significance:

  • the number of participants or users of the service, or the size of the audience
  • there will be clear benefits from coordinating decisions and activities at a region-wide level (e.g. operating a programme at multiple sites across Auckland)
  • there is another clear marker of regional significance (e.g. the project targets a regional ecological area).

Your service, project or activity may be regional in terms of impact and/or reach:

  • accessible to anyone in Auckland regardless of their location
  • targets a specific population group that is clearly spread across the region, and has sufficient profile within that population group to attract participants or users from across the region.