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E whakatika ki te tono tukunga pūtea

Get ready to apply for grant funding

Documents you need to complete your grant application

  • Evidence of your or your umbrella organisation's bank account number.
  • Blank pre-printed deposit slip.
  • Certified bank statement or letter.
  • Online 'print screen' image (must show bank's web address - URL).
  • Audited accounts, financial statements.
  • Annual report.
  • Minutes or letter from chairperson showing decision to apply.
  • Letters of support.
  • Letter of agreement from the school - if your project is being delivered in a school.
  • Any permits necessary if your project is on public land.

Our tip

If you are using an umbrella group you will need their written permission.

We will not accept incomplete applications.

Additional information we need

We will ask you to demonstrate:

  • how your activity aligns with the grant programme priorities and how it will contribute to the local board area or region
  • how you will manage the entire cost of a project or activity (as the grant funding should not be regarded as the primary funding source for your activity).

Our tip

Each local board has specific eligibility criteria. Check the local board grants programmes for details.

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