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Ngā Tukunga pūtea Poari-takitini

Multi-board grants

What are multi-board grants​

These are for projects or activities that are either held, or have participants, in three or more local board areas. Multi-board grants are available to the local grant programmes only.

Our tip

If your application covers two local board areas, you will need to apply to these local boards for support through their individual local board programmes.

How multi-board grants work

A multi-board application allows you to:

  • make one combined application to the relevant local boards
  • receive a single decision and grant award
  • submit one accountability report after you complete you funding activities.

What your multi-board application needs to tell us

Your proposal will need to specify:

  • how it aligns with the funding priorities of each local board
  • how your project, activity or service will benefit the residents of each local board area you are applying to.

You will also need to be clear about:

  • how much money you are requesting from each local board
  • what the percentage of benefit is for each local board e.g. 50 per cent of participants will come from one local board.

Find out how you can apply for a multi-board grant.