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Scope your project

Horahia tō kaupapa

If you need funding for a project, there are a number of things you will need to consider.

Questions about you and your project

Who is applying for a grant?

  • Are you a group or individual?
  • If you are a group, do you have a formal legal structure? If not, you may need to find a registered group to administer the grant if you are applying for over $1000.

What are the goals for your project?

  • If you are an individual, what do you wish to achieve?
  • If you are a group, what is your aim, vision or kaupapa?
  • Why is your project necessary? Can you clearly define the purpose of your project, activity or service?     
  • Is there anyone already doing this project?
  • Will your project demonstrate innovation and collaboration?

Who is your project aimed at?

  • What are the community needs you want to meet?
  • Who will benefit from your project?
  • Can you provide evidence of community support for, and involvement, in the project or activity?
  • Will your project enable improved Māori outcomes (social and economic well-being for Māori)?
  • Will your project or activity be accessible to people with disabilities?

How will you deliver the project?

  • Do you have a project plan and timeline?
  • Do you have the staff or volunteers to deliver your project?
  • Do you have capability, capacity and experience to delivery the project, activity or service? Do you have a relevant track record of successful delivery?
  • When will the project take place? What are the start and end dates?
  • Does the project take place before the decision is to be made on your application?
  • What is the location of your project or activity?