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Strategic relationship grants

Who can apply for strategic relationship grants

We intend to enter multi-year funding relationships with a small number of strategic organisations operating at a regional level.

Characteristics of strategic organisations operating at a regional level

The majority will have an existing relationship with us and be able to demonstrate a clear track record of achievement at this level. They will also:

  • have a 'sector infrastructure' role that supports other sector organisations in developing and connecting
  • deliver the highest level of expertise, or the highest quality service or experience
  • have an acknowledged strategic leadership and brokerage role within their sector
  • have the capability and capacity to think, work and advocate strategically at the regional level
  • deliver work programmes and outcomes that have clear alignment to our strategic outcomes and priorities
  • have robust strategic and business plans in place.

How strategic relationship grants work

We are now using a two-step application process and you are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the first instance. We recommend you contact a grants advisor to discuss your EOI well in advance of the round's closing date.

Applicants selected to proceed to the next stage of funding will be invited to submit a full application and present to an assessment panel.

An invitation to submit a full application does not guarantee that the proposal will receive funding.

We will:

  • consider final proposals against their funding priorities
  • look to award funds to those organisations that are best placed to achieve the desired outcomes.

We may offer strategic relationship grants of a duration of up to three years.

If a grant application is successful, we will enter into a formal funding agreement. The agreement states clear performance objectives, and funding will be paid on an annual basis subject to performance (i.e. achievement of agreed outcomes).