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Whiriwhirihia ō whakapaunga pūtea

Work out your budget

To complete your grants application, you will need to create your budget and provide a detailed account of how do you plan to spend it.

​What you need to think about

  • Your overall financial position.
  • Possible financial support from other sources.
  • Whether you will be receiving any other help from us.

What you need to tell us about your budget

Your budget breakdown needs to include information about:

  • what other sources of funding you have applied for
  • what income you estimate you may get for your project or activity (e.g. if there is a cost to participate or an entry fee for the project or activity)
  • how much you are requesting in the grant application (after you have combined the overall cost of your project and subtracted any income you will be receiving)
  • all your budget figures - ensure they add up correctly.

You will also need to provide:

  • an itemised list of all your expenses
  • a quote or evidence (e.g. screen shots of items or past invoices for a similar activity) for each listed item over $250.

Our tip

If you or your group are GST registered, do not include GST in the amounts.
If you or your group are not GST registered, include GST in the amounts (where applicable, e.g. wages do not incur GST).

​How much of your project or activity we can fund

We will grant funding to achieve outcomes but we may not be the sole funder.

We will ask you what you, your organisation or others plan to contribute to the cost of your initiative and that may include:

  • volunteer labour
  • donated materials
  • donated professional services
  • your own cash reserves
  • support or grants from other funders.

Our tip

For access to other funding resources, see the Generosity New Zealand website.