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Massage clinics, gyms, swimming pools, colon hydrotherapy

Whare mirimiri, hākinakina, hōpua kaukau, mahi horoinga ā-whēkau

The following businesses do not require health protection licence to operate:

  • Public swimming pools.
  • Fitness centres and gyms.
  • Colon hydrotherapy clinics.
  • Commercial sex industry (brothels).
  • Massage clinics.

All of these businesses must still meet the standards of the Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013 and our codes of practice.

How to open a new business

Your new business may need a resource consent and/or building consent before it can begin to operate.

Before you open new premises, you need to:

  • Check with one of our planning officers if it is appropriate for you to operate your business at the address. Some areas of the city are zoned to prevent commercial activity. Our planners will also advise you about operating requirements in the area, including parking and lighting. Please contact us to discuss your plans.
  • Get a building consent. You will need this if you are building a new premises or altering an existing building. Examples of work that needs building consent include: building and plumbing alterations, partitions and ventilation.

Contact us to discuss your plans.

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