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Hihiratia mehemea ka āhei koe ki te tahu ahi i tō rohe

Check if you can light a fire in your area

Our tip

If a fire is a risk to person or property, call 111 and ask for the Fire Service.

Why we have outdoor fire rules

  • to protect people and communities from fire
  • to protect Auckland's air quality
  • to prevent unnecessary emergency fire calls.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand responsibilities

Fire and Emergency New Zealand:

  • declares fire seasons within Auckland
  • issues and renews fire permits.

Fire seasons

Check the current fire season, then click "Check and apply now" to view the fire season map.

Apply for or renew a fire permit

For all outdoor fires, you need a current fire permit.

Apply for a permit or renew your existing permit.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand will assess your application and issue or decline a permit.

Report a problem with a fire

If you have fire safety concerns, visit Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

See Report smoke and pollution from fires for details on reporting nuisance from smoke and pollution.

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