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Auckland Council

Report smoke and pollution from fires

Smoke and pollution from fires can irritate eyes and cause breathing problems.

Smoke and pollution

It is reasonable to expect some smoke from outdoor fires. However, when smoke becomes offensive/objectionable and crosses property boundaries, you need to consider the impact this has on other people.

Smoke and pollutants from fires can cause a number of health problems, including breathing difficulties and eye irritations.

We will investigate smoke complaints from outdoor fires and consider the following before taking enforcement action:

  • if the fire is allowed
  • if people are burning illegal material
  • if excessive smoke is entering your property from a neighbour's fire.

To avoid creating a smoke, ash or odour nuisance when lighting an outdoor fire, read the Do not burn section on the rural fire safety guidelines page.

Report a smoke nuisance

Call the pollution hotline on 09 377 3107, seven days a week, 24 hours a day if smoke or pollution is causing a significant effect.

Tell us as much as you can about the location of the fire and where the smoke is coming from.

We will investigate your complaint and when we confirm that there is a problem, we will follow up with the responsible party.