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Whitford Path

Walking time 70 mins

Walking steps 4680 steps

Distance 3.6 km

Starts at 38 Whitford-Maraetai Road, Whitford

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About the path

A peaceful, scenic path winding around Tūranga Creek in Whitford. The path is a mix of paved and gravel surfaces.

Start your walk at the Whitford Village Green. Across Whitford-Maraetai Road there's a children's playground at Pohutukawa Park.

Stroll through Whitford village, before making your way along a short section of the route on the edge of Whitford-Maraetai Road (take care in this area).

From here, the path follows the western side of Tūranga Creek. There are great views from the viewing platform on the way.

Prior to the arrival of people, the Tūranga valley had substantial rainforest covering the hills. Birdlife once thrived here including moa and other flightless birds. According to Ngai Tai korero, the Tainui Waka moored to a large rock in this place, leading to the name Tūranga (anchorage or standing place).

A ferry service from Auckland operated up the Tūranga River from the 1860s until 1927 when road transport improved.


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