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Okoka Beach Path

Walking time 60 mins

Walking steps 1170 steps

Distance 900 m

Starts at 82 Margaret Reeve Lane, Waiheke Island

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About the path

The Okoka Beach Path is a short stroll to explore a secluded tidal bay, sometimes known as Dead Dog Bay.

The Path starts at the end of Margaret Reeve Lane. Keep to the right along Petersons Track to the beach. The road is private. There’s a short steep bit, but the path quickly flattens out. Along the track you will see glimpses of sculpture at the Dead Dog Bay sculpture park. You can visit the park by appointment.

The track comes out at a mown grass area at the lovely quiet bay. Saltmarsh plants known as oi oi grown on the edge of the lawn, showing the edge where the saltwater reaches at high tide. To the right on the foreshore is a sculpture of a boat form by David McCracken. You can roam around the bay, and enjoy the views out to Putiki Bay and the Tamaki Strait beyond.

A stream comes out at the southern end of the bay. Here there is a route up to Te Whau Drive, which offers amazing views, but it’s a steep climb.

To complete the Okoka Beach Path, return the way you came to Margaret Reeve Lane.

Okoka Beach Path is a there-and-back easy walk.


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