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Hunua Falls Track

Walking time 15 mins

Walking steps 1040 steps

Distance 800 m

Starts at 232 Falls Road, Hunua

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About the path

The Hunua Falls Track is a great way to see the popular Hunua Falls from all angles.

This short walk is clearly signposted from the Hunua Falls car park.

The track climbs from the Wairoa River through beautiful lush forest, follows along a shady stream and arrives at a lookout platform. Bring your camera - this is an iconic Auckland photo location.

Pack a picnic to enjoy by the falls, or avoid the crowds by finding your own secluded picnic spot on one of the other walking tracks in the park.

Continue along the track as it loops through more of the forest and back to the base of Hunua Falls. We don't recommend swimming at Hunua Falls due to the many safety risks at this site.

To prevent the spread of kauri dieback, large sections of the Hunua Ranges Regional Park are now closed. Please stay on the walking tracks, and follow the instructions to clean your shoes before and after your visit.

Hunua Ranges Regional Park has 24-hour pedestrian access. Vehicle access during summer (daylight savings) is 6am to 9pm, and during winter (non-daylight savings) is 6am to 7pm.

Dogs are not allowed on this walking track.


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