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Fowlds Park Path

Walking time 20 mins

Walking steps 1300 steps

Cycling time 8 mins

Distance 1000 m

Starts at Malvern Road, Western Springs

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About the path

Looking for a fun way to get active? This easy walk around Fowlds Park in Morningside will get you moving. It offers plenty of activities to enjoy a family day out.

Start at Malvern Street (car parking is available here), or anywhere around the park.

Follow the paved loop path around the park. In winter this is a good option for an exercise circuit, as the park is lit at night during sports practice.

Why not give an outdoor workout a try, using the outdoor exercise equipment around the park? You can also kick a ball around in the rugby field, or shoot some goals at the netball court.

Children will make a beeline for the colourful playground with slides and lullaby swing.

After your walk, the scenic barbecue area is the perfect spot to share a picnic under the trees.

Bring your dog along for the walk - keep dogs on-leash and off the playground and sport fields. There's an off-leash dog area on the northern slope between Western Springs Road and the park's internal road.


  • Playground
  • Public toilet
  • Sports field

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