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Tāwharanui West End Track

Walking time 90 mins

Walking steps 7800 steps

Distance 6 km

Starts at Tawharanui Regional Park

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About the path

Explore the white sand beach, rolling pastures and stunning landscapes of the western part of Tāwharanui Regional Park.

Start your hike at Sanctuary Hut at Anchor Bay. The West End Track is marked by blue track marker poles.

The track isn't paved and some areas are uneven and muddy. The walk also involves climbing over a few short fences and gates.

Walk up the hill towards the pest-proof fence at the western end of the park. Enjoy views of the unique coastline and nearby islands. Animals roam freely at Tāwharanui, and there are fantastic birdwatching opportunities.

Walk alongside the pest-proof fence, then turn right to follow the track down through the paddock to the beach. There's a short optional side track (signposted in purple) to the regenerating Mangatawhiri wetland and its wildlife.

Finish at Anchor Bay, where you can swim, surf and snorkel in clear waters. You’ll find less crowded, equally beautiful beaches either side of Anchor Bay.

Dogs are prohibited at Tāwharanui Regional Park. The park is an open sanctuary and marine reserve, so fishing is also prohibited.


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