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Whangapoua Path

Walking time 90 mins

Walking steps 4550 steps

Cycling time 60 mins

Distance 3.5 km

Starts at Aotea Road, Great Barrier Island

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About the path

Take a ferry from downtown Auckland and spend a weekend exploring Great Barrier Island. Make sure you check out this important information before heading to the island.

Whangapoua Path is a long, gentle climb through regenerating forest to one of the best views on Great Barrier Island.

This path is a small section of the stunning Harataonga Walkway, a beautiful coastal route for walking and mountain bike riding.

Park near the entrance of the track about 1.5km up from the Okiwi airfield.

The well-made gravel track steadily climbs up and around a few shaded gullies, with a mix of mānuka, the ever present Hakia, a persistent weed plant on Great Barrier, and tree ferns in the shaded gullies.

You will be rewarded with a sudden, stunning view across the dynamic Whangapoua Estuary, to the large hills of northern Great Barrier.

Take a break on Stan’s Seat, named after local track builder Stan McGready, who has been instrumental in the making of many of the best walking trails on Aotea Great Barrier.

If you’re keen, keep going along the trail towards Haratoanga, with ever-changing vistas, or turn back the way you came.

This is one of Great Barrier’s ‘must see’ viewpoints, especially on a clear day.

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