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Manutewhau Path

Walking time 30 mins

Walking steps 2860 steps

Distance 2.2 km

Starts at 98 Moire Road, West Harbour

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About the path

This loop path through West Harbour will appeal to the whole family.

Start your adventure in Manutewhau Reserve on Moire Road, or from any of the local connecting streets along the route. The Manutewhau Reserve playground has lots of fun equipment and a basketball half court for children to develop their locomotor skills, balance and upper body strength. There is plenty of natural shade and seating.

Wind your way through the native bush - some of the lushest remaining in the Waitakere urban area.

The path emerges onto Oreil Avenue. Cross the road, then continue through St Margarets Park, where you'll find another small children's playground.

Cross Fitzherbert Ave and follow the path through Flaunty Place and Flaunty Reserve. Take a short walk to the top of the hill to enjoy the stunning views of the Waitematā Harbour, while children race each other on the side-by-side slides.

From here, follow the accessway path which connects Sumich Place and Kayle Glen, through to Moire Road.

Head back to the Manutewhau Reserve starting point, or across the road to nearby Moire Park.


  • Playground

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