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Maukatia Gannet Track


Gannet colony track temporarily closed due to cyclone damage. Read about the closure on OurAuckland.

Walking time 25 mins

Walking steps 1690 steps

Distance 1.3 km

Starts at 1 Waitea Road, Waitakere, Muriwai

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About the path

A popular walking track along the rugged headland between Maukatia/Māori Bay and Muriwai Beach.

Start at the car park, where you will also find public toilets and a children's playground. The track combines easy walking with some climbs to make the most of the great views.

Follow the signs towards Maukatia/Māori Bay. The track leads through a short section of bush and two spectacular lookout points. Enjoy panoramic views over Maukatia/Māori Bay, Muriwai Beach and Woodhill Forest. Look out for the unique pillow lava and 'sea geyser' formations.

Ōtakamiro Point is the site of one of our few mainland gannet (takapu) breeding colonies. Gannets nest throughout summer. The viewing platform offers great views of the gannet colony - but please don't feed or disturb the gannets. Ōtakamiro's sea caves and blowhole were formed by waves eroding along vertical fractures in the rocks.

Take care walking on the slippery rocks at the Muriwai end of the track.

After your walk, keep exploring the unique Muriwai coastline and regional park. Wander along the network of walking tracks through the coastal forest behind Ōtakamiro Point. If you are visiting late in the day, don't miss the dramatic west coast sunset.

The iconic black sand of Muriwai is a magnetic iron mineral (titanomagnetite). It was eroded from volcanoes in the centre of the North Island and carried down the Waikato River to the Tasman Sea, then washed up by sea currents.


  • Playground
  • Public toilet

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