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Ngā tikanga whakahaere UAV

Code of conduct for use of drones and UAVs

If you breach the code, we can terminate your permission to fly UAVs on public land.

What you must do

  • Be courteous of other park users, beachgoers and people walking dogs.
  • Keep your UAV in full view at all times (e.g. not operated through binoculars, video monitor or smartphone, unless an observer is present).
  • Fly in daylight hours only.
  • Cease operation if requested by council staff.

What you must not do  

  • Fly a drone over a sports field if it is in use.
  • Operate over parked vehicles or park roads.
  • Operate within of 20 metres of or be flown over other users of the park.
  • Fly over or within 50 metres of livestock on parks, sensitive wildlife habitats such as wetlands, or nesting or roosting birds.
  • Operate within 20 metres of or fly over park buildings and overhead wires.
  • Operate over dry flammable vegetation.
  • Fly over adjoining private properties.

Other rules and regulations for use of drones and UAVs

Users of UAVs need to follow the Civil Aviation Authority rules on the use of UAVs.

According to the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013, flyers must not use their UAV "recklessly or in a manner which may intimidate, be dangerous, be injurious to or cause a nuisance to any person".