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Te noho hōpuni ki tuawhenua

Camping in the back country

You should know

We have taken significant steps to reduce the spread of kauri dieback in the Waitākere Ranges and Hunua Ranges regional parks.
The forested areas of the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park are now closed, with some exemptions where a Controlled Area Notice is in place from 1 May 2018.
A number of higher risk tracks in the Hunua Ranges Regional Park are also closed and from 1 May 2018 a Controlled Area Notice is also in place across the native forest area of the park.

Where you can camp in the back country


Anawhata is a spectacular beach that can only be reached by foot.

Because it is less accessible, it is much quieter than other beaches in the Waitākere Ranges.

Read more about Anawhata, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Cascade Kauri

Cascade Kauri, Lake Wainamu and Fairy Falls are located in the northern part of the Waitākere Ranges and offer great places to explore.

See giant kauri trees, huge sand dunes and spectacular waterfalls.

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Huia is a quiet settlement by the Manukau Harbour.

It has tidal beaches, picnic spots, campsites and a huge choice of walks.

Read more about Huia, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Hunua Ranges

These bush clad ranges contain streams, waterfalls, and magnificent vistas, as well as the largest native forest in the Auckland region.

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Karekare is one of the region's most spectacular beach and wilderness area.

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Mahurangi offers three back country camping experiences:

Te Muri and Mita Bay campsites can only be accessed by boot or by foot, and are great spots for swimming, water sports, walking and exploring.

Lagoon Bay campsite is boat access only.

Read more about Mahurangi Regional Park.


This small scenic park is located at the end of the Kawakawa Bay Coast Road.

Accessible from Waiti Bay only at low tide, Tawhitokino offers safe swimming and a secluded stretch of white sand beach.

Read more about Tawhitokino Regional Park.

Waitākere Ranges

Waitākere Ranges Regional Parkland includes 250km of walking and tramping tracks, beaches, breathtaking vistas, rocky outcrops, waterfalls, and cliffs.

See the following camping options listed on this page:

  • Anawhata
  • Cascade Kauri
  • Huia
  • Karekare
  • Whatipū


Camping is only permitted at the Waitawa Bay Campground and is only for people using Te Ara Moana pathway.

No other camping is permitted on the park currently.

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Whatipū is a scientific reserve owned by the Department of Conservation. It is a spectacular area of coastal dunes and wetlands.

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