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Ture ā-Rohe Para Wāhi Mahi 2013

Trade Waste Bylaw 2013

This bylaw protects people, the environment and infrastructure from harmful substances being put into the public wastewater system from commercial and industrial activities.

What the Trade Waste Bylaw does

The bylaw requires all businesses:

  • that produce low-risk trade waste to meet certain conditions before discharging that waste into the public wastewater system
  • that produce higher-risk trade waste to seek council approval through a trade waste agreement, and to comply with the terms of the agreement when discharging that waste into the public wastewater system
  • to comply with maximum limits for trade waste discharges
  • not to discharge certain types of trade waste into the public wastewater system
  • to ensure that any hazardous materials they store, transport, handle or use cannot accidentally enter the public wastewater system
  • to advise council immediately of any accident or spill of prohibited trade waste or hazardous materials that may result in these substances entering the public wastewater system.

The bylaw identifies:

  • which types of trade waste are categorised as low-risk, higher-risk and prohibited
  • the matters we may consider when making a trade waste agreement
  • our enforcement powers and the penalties that may apply for offences under the bylaw.

The Trade Waste Control is made under the bylaw and specifies current trade waste discharge limits and other relevant requirements.

Public stormwater systems

The Trade Waste Bylaw covers the public wastewater system. The discharge of any substance or material into the public stormwater system is prohibited under the Stormwater Bylaw.

Watercare management

The Trade Waste Bylaw is managed by Watercare Services Limited. Watercare is a council-controlled organisation.

Watercare covers all trade waste discharged to the public wastewater or stormwater system in the course of:

  • business, industrial or trade process
  • operation or similar activity.

Visit the Watercare website for more information about trade waste.

Get a copy of the Trade Waste Bylaw

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