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Ture ā-Rohe Para Wāhi Mahi 2013

Trade Waste Bylaw 2013

The Trade Waste Bylaw addresses health and safety, protects the environment and protects the public wastewater system.

What the Trade Waste Bylaw does

The purpose of the bylaw is to:

  • protect people's health against harmful substances discharged to the public wastewater system
  • protect the environment from substances discharged to the public wastewater system
  • protect the public wastewater system from damage and ensure it operates efficiently
  • assist treatment plants within the public wastewater system to process wastewater and produce biosolids of a guaranteed quality
  • encourage waste minimisation, cleaner production, efficient recycling and reuse of waste at business sites.

The bylaw applies to all trade premises that discharge trade waste to the public wastewater system.

Discharges that do not require a trade waste agreement may still need to be pre-treated and meet other conditions.

Watercare management

The Trade Waste Bylaw is managed by Watercare Services Limited. Watercare is a council-controlled organisation.

Watercare covers all trade waste discharged to the public wastewater or stormwater system in the course of:

  • business, industrial or trade process
  • operation or similar activity.

Visit the Watercare website for more information about trade waste.

Get a copy of the Trade Waste Bylaw