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Ture ā-Rohe Wai Āwhā 2015

Stormwater Bylaw 2015

The Stormwater Bylaw provides a consistent regulatory approach for managing the public stormwater network.

Changes to the Stormwater Bylaw

We have recently reviewed this bylaw and made some changes.

The changes take effect from 30 May 2022.

Key changes include:

  • stormwater management controls have been made and referenced in the bylaw
  • considerations and conditions for approvals now include additional matters such as carbon footprint and mana whenua values
  • wastewater engineered overflow points into the stormwater network now require approval from the council
  • council has the ability to restrict access or activity to parts of the public stormwater network
  • related information notes have been added throughout the document to clarify and provide links to explain processes and make the bylaw easier to read and understand.

For more information on the decision to improve the bylaw, visit AK Have your say.​

What the Stormwater Bylaw does

The bylaw:

  • ensures that the public stormwater network and private stormwater systems are of a consistently high standard throughout Auckland
  • requires on-site stormwater devices on private land to be well maintained, as they form part of the wider stormwater network
  • manages activities on private property that have adverse impacts on the public stormwater network
  • enables the council to develop stormwater controls for specific areas and local issues.

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