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Te Mahere mō te Pokapū o Kumeū-Huapai

Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan

​What the Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan does

The Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan provides a planning framework to guide how the town centre area grows and develops in the short term and over the next 30 years.

The vision for the future

 Kumeū-Huapai is an attractive town centre that focuses on the river, has improved connections, and celebrates its heritage and rural remote areas.

Four key ideas

These ideas respond to the challenges and opportunities facing the Kumeū-Huapai town centre. Each key idea is supported by implementable actions.

  1. We want our town centre to look better.
  2. We want to get around the centre more easily.
  3. Let's improve the river and our natural environment.
  4. The town centre is about the people.

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​Progress on delivering the Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan

Considerable progress has been made on the implementation of actions since the Rodney Local Board adopted the Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan in 2017.

Of the 47 actions, 30 actions are on-track, one action is completed, three actions have commenced but are delayed and one action is off-track.

Twelve mainly long-term actions are yet to commence.

Town centre upgrade actions

The Kumeu Arts Centre expansion was completed in April 2019.

The Huapai Hub is nearing completion thanks to the leadership of the Huapai Hub Convening Group. The project will create a community civic space behind the arts centre.

The Kumeū Central development is progressing, with roading in place. This development will provide office, retail, and residential opportunities, while also improving access to Kumeū River.

Community planting days continue to restore stream margins behind the library in Huapai Reserve, and 898 native plants have been planted in this area.

Transport actions

Short term and long-term safety improvements are either under construction or proposed e.g. pedestrian and cycle safety upgrades have been made to the Access Road/SH16 intersection.

A 'pedestrian maze' was constructed in May/June 2019, and an increased warning time for the approach of trains also implemented.

The Supporting Growth programme continues to have an influence on the implementation of transport actions within the centre plan.

While transport network planning is in the early stages, the programme will be key in improving connections within and around the Kumeū-Huapai town centre in the longer term.

Next steps

Work continues on the implementation of the Kumeū-Huapai Centre Plan.

If you have any questions about the plan or its progress, email